Insurance Options

As a courtesy for our patients, we are happy to assist you in filing insurance claims and the necessary diagnostic paperwork for you. All claims and pre-treatment estimates are submitted electronically. It is the insured’s responsibility to provide correct filing information on or before their initial visit. Please be advised that we are only contracted with  Aetna Dental.  This means that all other insurance carriers consider us “out of network”; however, we file to all carriers and receive payments from most.  If you are concerned you may not have coverage for an out of network provider, please contact your insurance carrier to confirm you are eligible to be seen in our office.

Most dental insurance will not pay 100% of all charges, whether in or out of network, so we encourage you to be familiar with your insurance benefits. In some circumstances, you may not be eligible for any benefits payable to our practice, leaving you responsible for the entire fee charged.

With thousands of different insurance policies, it is hard to predict exactly what portion you will be responsible for. Before any treatment is performed, we submit a pre-treatment estimate to your carrier to get an approximation of what you would owe. Please know that this will only be an estimate from the insurance and not a guarantee of payment.

The maximum time allowed for an insurance claim to be paid is 60 days. After 60 days, the policy holder/patient is responsible for the entire balance. Our office will not accept responsibility for collecting your outstanding claims or for negotiating a settlement on a disputed claim.